Home Owners Association

Hampton Glen has an active home owners association with a board of directors and annual meetings. The HOA is responsible for maintaining a high standard of quality for the community and each property. The HOA provides access to the pool and other amenities as well as neighborhood events throughout the year, all for a very reasonable annual fee.

HOA 2019 Annual Board meeting

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HOA Annual Assessments Due

Please keep in mind that the Annual Assessments ($550) were due on 05/01/2019, if you haven’t already paid them, and late after May 31st. 

Also, remember that dues have to be paid BEFORE using any of the amenities, and we want to see everyone at the upcoming Pool Opening Party on May 18!!  

Armbands for the pool must be worn by all members and may be picked up at the pool during the first couple days of opening (May 11) from Kathy Longmore. 

Annual Assessments can paid online, and our new Covenants can be voted on at:


Let myself, or any of our board members know if you have questions.

Michele Valencia
Hampton Glen HOA President
(229) 224-1474

All-In-One Management

All-In-One Management assists the homeowners association in day-to-day operations and neighborhood management. Please visit the Hampton Glen All-In-One Management Web Page for more information. To submit a Modification Document to AIO, use the HG Modification Request Form. They will forward to the HG Architectural Committee for approval. For a homeowners directory, email: info@allinonemgmt.com or call All-In-One: 678-363-6479

HOA Board Meeting Notes

Monday, February 25, 2019

Summary of notes:
1) New budget and dues amount set at $550 per year.
2) Annual HOA Meeting is on Monday, April 8 at 7pm
3) Cast your vote for the new covenants.
4) New AIO property manager Nick Desenberg.
5) Turn in senior's names by April 15 for the graduation banner.
6) Easter Egg hunt on April 20 at 1:30pm.
7) New pool service company. Pool dates set for May 11-Sep 29.
8) New website managers - Jason and Micah Lowe.
9) Join our FB page if you have not done so already.

For detailed notes from the HOA Board meeting: CLICK HERE




The amendment is available on the HOA web portal for online voting. The web portal is accessible by all homeowners by logging onto www.allinone.vmsclientonline.com, then enter your username and password. If you do not have a username and password, please email customerservice@allinonemgmt.com or call All-In-One Management at: 678-363-6479.

You can also download the New Covenants and the Consent Form below. You can fill this out and drop it off in Mark’s mailbox at 2353 Fenwick Ct. He will forward to All-In-One.

Download Revised Covenants Here - From AIO

Download Covenants Consent Form Here

Georgia Property Owners Act FAQ's